lundi 14 janvier 2008

Séance du 30 janvier: Ahti Pietarinen

Le mercredi 30 janvier, le Pr Ahti Pietarinen (Université d'Helsinki) fera une intervention sur le thème suivant:
Game-Theoretic Models of Linguistic Contexts

I will argue that the application of game theory in studying the semantics/pragmatics of language delineates three classes of linguistic contexts.
A-contexts are correlates of chance moves and incomplete information. B-contexts are correlates of the information encoded in the histories of plays. C-contexts are correlates of exogenous and environmental parameters used in game theory. Semantic/pragmatic phenomena instantiate one or more of these classes. All of them are in operation in anaphoric phenomena, for instance. I will sketch an argument for the completeness of the set of these three classes of context.

La séance aura lieu de 13H à 15H, en salle 019 de la Maison de la Recherche.

Venez nombreux !

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